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I get emails like this, daily: "PAUL, HELP! I'm in serious debt... can you give me a money spell that can help?"


Most people who send emails like this are looking for an easy way out. If you could sit down, light a few candles, say a chant, and attract a surge of prosperity... everyone would be financially independent.

Magic doesn't work that way, despite what many people will try to tell you. (Especially if they are trying to sell you something.)


Here's how Magic can work for prosperity: if you work a prosperity spell properly, it helps focus your mind and spirit on your goal... helps you to really believe your desire is possible... and gives you the confidence to go after it. Many of these changes occur on a subconscious level... and it may seem like any prosperity just "happened". The reality is, it's all you.


Now that you understand the truth about how, and why prosperity spells can work... here's one of my favorite's you can try on your own whenever you wish.


It blends the mystical beliefs of 2 ancient cultures to create prosperity energy. Combine this energy with your desire, focus, and emotion... and you can achieve whatever you wish.


Rose's Green Frog Of Prosperity Spell


Many ancient cultures believe frogs are a symbol of prosperity and abundance. (Specifically the Chinese and Egyptians). Because of this deep belief, symbols of frogs can bring prosperity energy into your spells, which is why I focus on the frog in this spell. Enjoy!


What you'll need:


  • A green frog amulet, or a green ceramic frog

  • Silver/gold colored coins. (i.e. new pennies/nickels/quarters/dimes/silver dollars)

  • Magnetic sand

  • Money drawing power (to make your own: mix dry ground basil with sugar)


STEP 1: Spread the coins on a plate.


STEP 2: Put your frog so he sits on top of the coins.


STEP 3: Sprinkle your frog with the money drawing powder... and the magnetic sand.


STEP 4: Set the plate under your bed, and make sure the frog is facing the door to your room


STEP 5: Every 3 days, sprinkle the frog with money-drawing power and magnetic sand.


STEP 6: Each night before going to sleep, stare at your frog and visualize how prosperity will find you, and exactly what you'll do to help attract it. Be as specific as possible. Hold this thought in your mind as you drift off to sleep.


Finally... look for prosperity possibilities around you on a daily basis...and be ready to seize the moment when it comes. :)