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Anoint your body with Full Moon Anointing Oil to summon the magic of the Full Moon to recharge, restore, and call in abundance | Astrology Reading & Shamanic Healing.

It's no secret that witches love the moon, and knowing how to harness the power of each moon phase can amplify your powers and make for some amazing spells. As a matter of fact, regardless of if you identify as a witch or not, most humans feel a connection to Earth's natural satellite. Witches tend to think of the moon as the mother energy and the sun as the father energy, and I remember looking up at the sky when I was in middle school and feeling comfort in the moon and the knowledge that I could see it the moon from so far away.

The comfort in that particular moment that I derived from mother moon may have had something to do that I had also recently gotten my period. Neither magick nor witch abilities depend on gender or sex, but the menstrual cycle is often compared to the cycles the moon goes through. Considering the moon controls the tides and up to 60 percent of the adult human body is water (the brain and heart are 73 percent), it would make sense to wonder how the stages of the moon affect us. So let's get straight to the point: How can I use the phases of the moon to harness magick and get what I want?