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About Holictic Healing

Holistic healing is an approach to life and health that considers all of the internal and external factors affecting a person. The interconnection of body, mind and spirit is essential for harmonious existence and living your life in more rewarding and fulfilling way.

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 I thank prophet Tosh for the special prayer he made for me in terms of prosperity and financial blessings. I was blacklisted due to the failure to pay my bank loans. My car was reposed and above all, I was facing a strong court case upon my house.  He played for me in 7 days I was promoted to head the company as the general manager with a better pay raise which I used to clear my debts. We are living a good life now. Thank u prophet Tosh

—  Marucs Mbonye

I am delivered, I greet you in the mighty name, I want to thank prophet Tosh for the advice and direction in prayers upon my family success. My children were on drugs, alcohol and in gang groups. I was heartbroken because the police were always on my doors to capture them for different crimes. I went to the great man for prayers. He comes to my house with anointing g oil and spiritual water to pray for my children, u can't believe it the powerful prayer worked miracles. My children are back in line. There in school now and performing well. Thanks GREAT MAN.

—  Okullo Eddie

My marriage was completely falling apart, my lovely husband dumped me for another woman due to her financial status and evil spells upon him. My husband was like a zombie, he refused to pay kids school fees, even to buy them food. He was believing that women like no one's business. This situation was the worst nightmare in my life ever. My friend directed me to Obeah Tosh for the special prayer. He played for me, my husband is back to me and our family is happily leaving. Be a blessed prophet, Musa.

—  Rachel Kate

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